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By fsoffietti

WISDOMS: Call for papers


26th-30th May, 2024


The first edition of WISDOMS, the Workshop on Integrating the Semantics of Data, Ontologies, Moral and cultural values and their Societal impact, aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and those curious enough to explore the convergence of ethics, socio-behavioral norms, moral and cultural values, with hybrid neuro-symbolic knowledge structures and generative AI.

WISDOMS offers an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary discussions at the intersection of ethics, morality, knowledge graphs, semantic technologies, linked open data, and generative AI. In a world increasingly shaped by Artificial Intelligence, the intricate landscape of moral and cultural values serves as a vital compass in the vast sea of human knowledge, guiding our ethical frameworks and societal norms. This workshop's focus in particular is on the pivotal 'value alignment problem'—ensuring that AI systems not only meet human needs but also embody and respect human values- but it accepts contributions on several topics, such as (but not limited to): Knowledge Representation and Extraction of moral, cultural and social values; Grounded World Models, with a particular focus on Ethics and Morality; Morally Informed Decision Making; Generative models of moral behavior; Formal Representation of Socio-behavioral theories for Social and Legal Norms, etc.

Luc Steels from MUHAI is among the organizers, we are excited to announce the call for papers for WISDOMS 2024. Submission Deadline is March 7, 2024, find out more on the beautiful WISDOMS website!




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