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By fsoffietti

BNAIC 2023


9th November, 2023

MUHAI was well represented at the BNAIC/BENELEARN Joint International Conferences on AI and Machine Learning. Five partners delivered presentations on the ongoing research. To give you a taste of what happened here is a summary of one of the interventions called Human-like language learning in machines by Katrien Beuls (Université de Namur):

Today's large language models excel at generating eloquent texts, but fall short when it comes to human-like logic and pragmatic reasoning. This phenomenon is to a large extent ascribable to the fundamental differences between how large language models are constructed and how human languages are acquired. Indeed, humans acquire their native languages by actively taking part in communicative interactions that are grounded in their environment, while large language models take as input purely textual data. I will show that models learnt under these conditions build up knowledge of a fundamentally different kind, and argue that simulating the conditions under which human languages emerge and evolve will be essential to overcome the limitations of current NLP technologies.

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