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By fsoffietti

ISWS 2023, semantics and success

Bertinoro ss

11-17 June, 2023

The International Semantic Web Summer school (ISWS) of 2023 took place from the 11th to the 17th of June in Bertinoro, Italy. MUHAI Scientific Coordinator Luc Steels and project partner Frank van Harmelen (VUA) were among the keynote speakers. 60 students participated to the school.

A workshop / hackathon on narrative generation was organized entitled: Story Completion with Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models.
It focused on the application and evaluation of knowledge graphs in combination with large language models. It studied this combination in the context of story completion tasks using the ROCStories dataset. ROCStories contains 5-sentence long commonsense stories designed for cloze testing - a task that requires the generation of coherent and contextually appropriate story endings. The central objective of the project was to investigate whether the use of knowledge graphs can enhance the quality of these completions, making them less prone to hallucination and more logically consistent with the narrative progression.

Among other things semantics, computing and reflections on mind and consciousness were discussed, it was also shared that some things are best done symbolically, some numerically, some geometrically and that semantics are not symbolic representations but rather predictable inference. Intense days with interesting lectures and focused working groups in the beautiful medieval Bertinoro.

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