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Bringing Computational Construction Grammar into your Classes and Research

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August 17, 2021
Hands-on tutorial at the 11th International Conference on Construction Grammar

Are you going to Antwerp for the 11th International Conference on Construction Grammar? Register at the hands-on tutorial led by MUHAI partners Paul Van Eecke and Katrien Beuls (VUB), authors of the new textbook "Computational Construction Grammar: A Practical Introduction".

This one-day tutorial will focus on Fluid Construction Grammar (FCG), which has established itself as a CCxG implementation that adheres most closely to the main ideas underlying constructionist approaches to language. Recently, FCG has undergone major innovations that make the system more user friendly. The main obstacle remaining was the lack of suitable educational materials, which kept learning FCG, let alone teaching it, a challenging adventure. A new textbook entitled "Computational Construction Grammar: A Practical Introduction" by Paul Van Eecke and Katrien Beuls aims to fill this gap, and educate students and researchers alike.

Van Eecke and Beuls will walk participants through the basics of computational construction grammar (CCxG), with a special focus on how the main ideas underlying construction grammar can be implemented using FCG.  The tutorial will alternate between theory, hands-on exercises from their textbook and demonstrations of more advanced case studies.

Lecturers in construction grammar who wish to include CCxG into their courses, as well as scholars who would like to learn CCxG and use it in their research.

Program and Practical details available on the tutorial’s webpage.

Pre-registration open and required through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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