MUHAI Newsletter #9 | November 2023

‍MUHAI Newsletter #9 | November 2023

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A three part blog: Social media and AI 

Photo credits: ©  Carlo R. M. A. Santagiustina and Dall.E

Carlo R. M. A. Santagiustina from VIU reflects on how digital archives can become online observatories, to manage data from social-media based research. What happens on x/twitter using AI? Find out!

AI, the winning artist?

Photo credits: ©  Folco Soffietti and Bing Generator


The fact that AI-generated entries have won art and photo contests sparked a debate in the art world. This blog by Folco Soffietti (Venice International University) reflects on what are the possible paths for art prizes in a world in which AI generators are commonly used.

Project outputs Inequality Observatory


The observatory is based on both big data from historical archives as well as big data extracted from social media. It was developed as an interactive support tools for capturing and understanding narratives in socioe-conomic history research, as well as analysing and mapping the public perception of social phenomena and the dynamics of online debates and their narratives, such as on inequality. This is extremely useful in collecting the large data generated on social media and map the perception of users regarding inequality. Discover more about its composition and funcionality and access it!

New papers have been issued, check them out!

News > MUHAI in the press


The project partners have been talking to national press, sharing results and thoughts in specialist magazines and general press. Le Scienze, Nieuwsbland, Klartext and more. Find a treat in your national language.

Future events > Interdisciplinary College

March 8th, 2024 


Sneak peek of the Günne at Lake Möhne Interdisciplinary spring school, in Germany. the MUHAI coordinator Luc Steel will offer an evening talk, a relaxed and entertaining way of discussing artificial consiousness. A cherry on the top of a very rich week of courses ranging from neurosciences to AI.

Registration is open! Find out more on the link below. 

Past events > 2nd Review Meeting

Partners gathered in Brussels for the second review meeting, an intense day presenting advancements of the project to academic and EU reviewers, including demos.

Past events > BNAIC 2023

On the 9th November, MUHAI was well represented at the BNAIC/BENELEARN Joint International Conferences on AI and Machine Learning. Five partners delivered presentations on the ongoing research. 

Past events > DRHA23

MUHAI partners attended the Digital Research in Humanities and Art Conference 2023, from September 10-13, in Turin. The theme for the 27th annual DRHA conference was Performing Cultural Heritage in the Digital Present

Past events > Project meeting

On the 20th, 21st and 22tnd September the consortium gathered at University of Bremen to share the project advancements and refine the reporting of activities. 

It was also a moment of bonding and team building.

Past events > Rooted in water

The Venetian District Research and Innovation (DVRI) and THE NEW INSTITUTE Centre for Environmental Humanities (NICHE) have organized the conference 'Rooted in Water. The talk will focus on the implications of climate change for coastal communities, highlighting the importance of annotated operational photography as a means of participatory research. Muhai's coordinator Luc Steel will be among the speakers.

Past events > Letterenhuis

A public debate was held between Luc Steels (VIU) and Maarten Inghels on 8 october 2023 at the ‘Letterenhuis’ in Antwerp. The debate compared the MUHAI approach, the use of precision language processing and logic-based knowledge representation and reasoning versus the data-driven generative AI approach used in ChatGPT and similar systems. 

This project has received funding from the European 

Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme 

under grant agreement No 951846.