MUHAI Newsletter #6 | November 2022

‍MUHAI Newsletter #6 | November 2022

Muhai - Meaning and understaing in Human-centric AI

November #wordofthemonth

November 2022 Word of the month: activity

Event > Sulle Acque | On Waters

On waters Aquagranda exhibit

November 11 – December 11, 2022 | Church of Santa Maria delle Penitenti, Venice 
In the framework of MUHAI's engagement with the arts, the AquaGranda exhibition On Waters offers a physical experience of the Digital Community Memory created in the face of the catastrophic inundation in Venice in November 2019. O
pen Tuesday through Sunday, from 2 to 6 p.m. Free admission

A Digital Assistant for Scientific Discovery in the Social Sciences and Humanities

MUHAI blog  Volpedo NL

How can AI support social science and humanities? Researchers in the MUHAI project together with domain experts from the International Institute of Social History (IISG) try to enhance the comparability of research outcomes, working towards a shared knowledge database, a shared memory of social science and humanities knowledge, that can be used in a variety of applications.

Narrative Objects

Narrative objects MUHAI NL

A recurring theme of AI research has turned out to be that what should be easy often is not. Consider this question: "What can I cut a stick of butter with?". You probably already thought of an answer, and if pressed, you could invent more creative ones. A string might do, or the edge of a glass perhaps if no knife is available, though you might protest if I suggested a jar's edge. It will be annoying to get the butter rests out of the threading.

Deconstructing Recipes

Deconstructing Recipes NL

What is the secret ingredient of recipes? In recipes, we talk about ingredients, sometimes many of them, which get moved into different containers and transformed in a thousand different ways, thus turning into other things (such as a dough, or a puree). Moreover, these ingredients and ‘resultant objects’ are often unmentioned, as in ‘Bake until crispy and golden.’ ‘Pour until saturated’. Yet, we are always capable of understanding what that specific step or instruction is talking about. How?

This project has received funding from the European 

Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme 

under grant agreement No 951846.