MUHAI Newsletter #3 | November 2021

‍MUHAI Newsletter #3 | November 2021


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Making sense of events within a story

We are constantly building a posteriori stories about how events happened, and about how you can make connections to come up with a coherent whole. To some extent, it is an extension of the Five W's - Who? What? When? Where? Why? -, the five questions that are considered the most basic in problem solving.

Toward a formal theory of narratives

The activities of people as well as of artificial agents in reality, virtual reality or simulation can be recorded as data that discretize trajectories of body parts and the ensuing force events. While these data provide vast amounts of information they are, by themselves, meaningless. 

Micro-project > Identifying and tracing the entities of a narrative

It is widely accepted that humans construct narratives to make sense of complex issues in their lives and society. If we want to build machines that are capable of truly understanding such narratives, we need to be able to reliably identify and track the characters and other entities that play a role in a narrative. For example, if a person writes: “The boy likes The Witches. The book was written by Roald Dahl.”

Event > HHAI 2022: the first International Conference on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence | CALL FOR PAPERS

June 13-17, 2022 | Deadline for abstract sumission: February 25, 2022

Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence (HHAI) is the first international conference focusing on the study of Artificial Intelligent systems that cooperate synergistically, proactively and purposefully with humans, amplifying instead of replacing human intelligence. The conference will be hosted at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, partner in the MUHAI Project.

This project has received funding from the European 

Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme 

under grant agreement No 951846.